August 27, 2019

Today was a unique day because I was finally able to learn more about local candidates running for office in Toledo. Local Democratic candidates stop by the office frequently, especially if they are already in elected office (since they can’t perform campaign operations within a government building).

Today, LCDP-endorsed candidate for City Council, Sam Melden (more than likely to win), stopped by the office today for some help. He had lots of literature and lots of stickers. The stickers should have “Vote on September 10th”. These stickers will then be placed on a certain spot on the pieces of literature. Although it seems like a mindless task, it is important to note that the United States is very politically inactive in relation to the rest of the world. As a result, many people don’t even know when the general election day is, let alone the primary election day (September 10).

I also continued to work on the spreadsheet for the precinct captains from yesterday, but I had finished it quickly because most of it had been completed the day before. The main function of the Precinct Captains (to answer the question) is to act as liaisons to the public. This means they are the first person the public reaches out to before they reach out to higher offices of the LCDP. The other main, and arguably more important, function of the precinct captains is to elect the top officials of the LCDP, mainly the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman.

Today I also decided to volunteer for a few hours with the West Toledo Democrats to canvass neighborhoods in Toledo. The main candidate I was canvassing for was Sam Melden (who was canvassing as well). I hadn’t canvassed much in the past, but I had phone banked before. They aren’t very different; in fact, I enjoy canvassing far more than phone banking because face-to-face conversation is much more effective (and interesting).

What we ask about is whether they are aware of Sam Melden and if they would be willing to support him. If not, we try to inform them of Sam Melden and his goals (a unique promise of Sam is that he plans to respond to constituents’ messages within 24 hours). If they do plan on voting for Sam Melden, or just a straight Democratic ticket, we ask if they would like a yard sign. If they are especially enthusiastic about Democrats and/or Sam Melden, then we ask if they would like to volunteer. All this information is recorded on a phone app called MiniVan (this app is made by VoteBuilder, of course).

Image result for sam melden for city council


One thought on “August 27, 2019

  1. Interesting information about Precinct Captains. While I know a few Precinct Captains, I have no idea who my own is. I wonder how they typically reach out to their precincts. Also interesting to note how neglected municipal elections are. That means that the voices of those who do vote are magnificently amplified!


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