August 28, 2019

Today, I continued to learn more about the candidates running in our district. As you may know, early voting has already begun. This means everybody can vote if they wish at the Early Voting Center until the official voting day for the primaries on September 10 (early voting for the general election in November 2019 doesn’t begin until October). One of the candidates, who is also an incumbent, reached out to us for help. Matt Cherry represents the second district of Toledo City Council and he is also the President of the City Council. What he wanted was the total number of people that have voted for their city councilperson (from district 2)  already.

Kurt Young, the Chair of the LCDP (and also a member of the Lucas County Board of Elections), had a spreadsheet of everybody that had voted in Lucas County during early voting. In the same row of every name was the voting precinct they were from. I also had a separate spreadsheet that showed all the precincts in each City Council district. With this information, I found out how many people had voted (or requested an absentee ballot) for the second city council district.

The number was VERY high.

It turned out to be about a FIFTH of all people voting for city council districts all across Toledo. This alarmed the Chairman and the Office Manager, Angela, as Cherry (a Democrat) hasn’t been doing much of a get-out-the-vote effort. This could possibly mean that either the Green candidate or Republican candidate is doing very well (or Cherry is just getting LOTS of people to be voting early).

As mentioned before, lots of candidates always come in for help. However, many others also don’t. As a result, thirteen candidates (about 9 republicans and 4 democrats) downright failed to qualify for the elections (even an incumbent) just due to incorrect paperwork.

I also continued some work for the University of Toledo College Dems who just relaunched today with about 75 people at their first meeting. What I did was I made a flyer that informed all college students on tons of important voting information. I will be able to register to vote in a few months, so this flyer was very interesting to make:University of Toledo College Dems Flyer-page-001


2 thoughts on “August 28, 2019

  1. Another worthy day of work! So interesting how the read on excellent voter turnout was alarming; you’re certainly gaining the experience of taking a more nuanced look at data. Good work on the U.T. poster…with so much going on, college students are notoriously lax about voting. Do they have other initiatives in place as well?


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