September 4, 2019

I don’t believe I mentioned this in my previous blog post, but we missed the call from the man complaining about taxes yesterday (he left a voice message). That’s why I was calling him back. Unfortunately, he didn’t answer, but I left a voice message to let him know that we are solely a political organization rather than a policy-making institution like City Council, the State Assembly, or the US Congress.

He called back today and I was finally able to speak with him. His first question was if taxes are being used for the highways. I told him that highways are one of the things taxes are used on.

His second question was whether or not the intentions of the U.S. Congress is to benefit themselves or whom they represent. I was pretty confused because why would he call a local political organization to ask about the intentions of 435 people that represent places all around the United States. I told him that I could share the contact information for his Congresswoman’s Office (Congresswoman Kaptur), but he said he already had the contact information. I recommended that he speak to them if he has concerns related to the US Congress, and that they are very polite and happy to help.

All he said was “Thanks for redirecting me to someone else”, and hung up.

This is very common when working for a political organization. We always get calls from disgruntled constituents here, and I also got calls from angry constituents when I worked at the office of Congresswoman Kaptur. Not only are they angry, but many times, they also don’t have coherent ideas (whether they support us or not).

Anyway, I also worked on some newspaper clippings from The Blade. As mentioned in a previous post, these are used to determine whether or not any officials have done or said anything that will cause us to retract an endorsement. I am looking forward to Friday’s paper because I have been told that there will be a jaw-dropping article in regards to the 2019 Local Elections.

For the videos on polling location changes, I might revisit the locations with the other intern to refilm it with a few changes. The reason the polling locations were changed is that the locations are being used for some other event. Also, it was only two locations that have been changed, so most of the other locations are still the same. If it would affect anyone it would probably affect people that live near the former polling locations which were Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church and St. Mark’s Baptist Church.

I previously mentioned that I noticed an unusually high turnout rate for City Council District 2 (Matt Cherry’s district), which could mean that his opponents are doing well (since he hasn’t been campaigning much). So today, I began phone banking for him before I left and I look forward to continuing tomorrow because I’ve got lots of numbers to call!






One thought on “September 4, 2019

  1. And the work continues. You’re really getting a slice of life. Handling disgruntled voters is an excellent skill in life. Good learning!


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