September 5, 2019

Today I continued to phone bank for City Council president, Matt Cherry. The way I call them is I have lists of peoples’ names, their addresses, their age, their political preferences, and of course, their phone number. If they don’t answer the phone, you mark checkboxes labeled “not home”, “line disconnected”, “wrong number”, etc.

If they do answer and you finish talking to them, you mark whether or not they are likely to support the candidate (or if they refused to speak and/or hung up. In this case, we usually remove this person from future lists). Here is a picture of the sheets (without the personal info, of course):

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 11.55.45 AM

One thing I’ve noticed while phone banking is that nearly everyone who answers the phone is either extremely hostile or extremely supportive of our cause.

The former tend to hang up on me without any farewells; the latter tend to speak about their Republican neighbor’s annoying pets until I try my best to politely end the conversation. Either way, both sides seem unwilling to ever reach a compromise with the opposite side. When I finally speak to the 1% of people that aren’t completely politically polarized, it’s extremely refreshing.

The Lucas County Democratic Party is holding a very important event soon: the Fall Dinner. This is an annual event that is meant to attract organizations or individuals that can be long-term donors for the party. We have a spreadsheet of all people that will be invited with four tabs: elected officials, organization leaders (club leaders, labor union officials), relationships (former elected officials, central committee members), and supporters (whoever doesn’t fall in the previous categories).

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 12.10.06 PM

Since it is an event by the Lucas County Democrats, it is necessary that all Central Committee members are invited. Because of this, I revisited the Central Committee roster and made sure all members were on the master sheet. We were expecting about 5 people to be missing on the main invitation sheet. The number turned out to be 60!

Also, after work, we had a former field organizers visit us from somewhere (Columbus, I think) to train us to be field organizers as well. The training will be on Friday, but today will just basically be a dry run.






One thought on “September 5, 2019

  1. Another full day! I’ve done some phone banking; it takes some mental work to deal with the folks on the other end, doesn’t it?


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