September 10, 2019

Today was, expectedly, more busy than usual because today was the primary election for all city council candidates in both Toledo and Maumee. We got a few calls from people that didn’t live in Toledo or Maumee (but lived in Lucas County), and we just told them that they don’t have an election this year. We also got lots of calls from Toledo residents as well who asked about what district they were in. For most of these calls, I just used this simple tool available on the City of Toledo’s website:

I don’t think I’ve explained the candidates on the ballot yet, so here are the Toledo City Council results:

Nobody was endorsed (by LCDP) in the first district, Cherry was endorsed in District 2, Gadus was endorsed in 3, Harper in 4, and Melden in 5.

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These 5 districts are the only elections on the primary election for Toledo residents. However, come November, there will be a few more races that will be included for the Municipal Court and Toledo Public Schools. District 6 is the only city council race that did not have a primary (because there were only two candidates to begin with). What I found interesting was that the turnout turned out to be 5.7%. If you basically get 1,000 people, you might actually win!

Speaking of the 6th City Council district, Chris Delaney (the endorsed Democrat and incumbent for that district) had some mailings for us to do. Fortunately, I was assisted by a few other volunteers who helped with the mailings. There was another mailing that we worked on as well (for the Fall Dinner). This is the main event organized by the Lucas County Democratic Party (followed by the Blue Cocktail Event).

Later, I worked on the roster for the Fall Dinner. There were some issues we had to deal with in the invitation list, one of them was the fact that not all Central Committee members were on the list. I had previously started on this, but I continued to add the rest of the committee members to the invitation list.


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